My Asho..sharing

Is caring so for your b’day I wanna share this. Once only though so pay attention! I love you and thank you. Thanks for sharing the bathroom, toiletries and makeup throughout the years (even the toilet seat that time when we were kids and wanted to see if we’d both fit ha ha. Yes people … More My Asho..sharing

The 1st..

On this first mother’s day without you I need to share this with you and I’m fairly certain I scared you enough that you’re still reading my blog sooo I’m sharing here. Sometimes when you slept on my couch and you did your weird lil snores I pushed Dooks at you until he woke you … More The 1st..

Stop Spinning..

I’d like to get off now. I’ve been afraid to write my blog. Terrified in fact. God knows what will come out of my brain! Ever feel like the world is turning really fast but you’re staring at one spot and you can’t look away or slow it down so you’re just stuck. I’m stuck … More Stop Spinning..


I worry about the state of the world..often. I worry about Syria,Afghanistan,France. I worry that I don’t worry enough about it. I worry about the refugees of war. I worry that people talk politics instead of showing compassion. I worry about our mentalities towards it. I worry that Trump will win the election and that … More Worry/Anxiety

Verbal Diarrhoea..

..a good thing or a bad thing? I really want to know I don’t know if you all know this but I have a teensy tiny habit of being a bit flippant in my social interactions! Or you know to be honest.. rude uncouth vulgar and crude as well as intrusive and absurd. I don’t … More Verbal Diarrhoea..