I Had a Dream…

…No shit, I had the best dream of my goddamn life last night. No doubt it has been a rough year in the Regan household culminating in us all (but especially Aisling and Philip) spending yet another January watching someone we love suffer. It’s been a tough year and at times no doubt we have … More I Had a Dream…

And So We Go Again

For such a very final thing this death business seems never ending. There’s always another person to tell..a distant relative or a new acquaintance There’s always a new bill to be cancelled or paid or a company etc to notify. There’s a first birthday, a first mothers day, a first Thursday..a twelfth one. Death is … More And So We Go Again

The Purge 

I gotta get some stuff outta my head sorry. Please don’t read if you’re easily upset  I keep looking for you and you’re not there. It hurts. I call you and you’re not answering and it hurts. I need advice and you’re not giving it and it hurts. It doesn’t hurt in a minor way. … More The Purge 

Ode to my Godchild

My godchild, my Tatie…I’ll never forget the day you were born..I mean not specifically you being born or meeting you but having to get outta bed with a hangover and go into the hospital plus I remember getting lost with Asho on the way home from the hospital and ending up in Malahide, all in … More Ode to my Godchild

Wax and Wail

Today’s overshare…I’m traumatised! Every once in a while I get it into my head to get a bikini wax. I remembered today why it’s only every once in a while. I’m a broken remnant of a woman. Sooooo as stated above I may have slightly delayed a couple of appointments to tidy up the ‘lady … More Wax and Wail


On this new world of tinterweb dating it seems to be a massive thing that you’ve spent at least a year in a tent in Peru or a year on a sheep farm in Oz. That you “like to travel” and are “up for adventure”. I mean who DOESN’T like it, it’s more a case … More Travelling