Wax and Wail

Today’s overshare…I’m traumatised! Every once in a while I get it into my head to get a bikini wax. I remembered today why it’s only every once in a while. I’m a broken remnant of a woman. Sooooo as stated above I may have slightly delayed a couple of appointments to tidy up the ‘lady … More Wax and Wail

My Asho..sharing

Is caring so for your b’day I wanna share this. Once only though so pay attention! I love you and thank you. Thanks for sharing the bathroom, toiletries and makeup throughout the years (even the toilet seat that time when we were kids and wanted to see if we’d both fit ha ha. Yes people … More My Asho..sharing

Birthday blahs

Sooo i turned 33 today and i have 2 seperate questions on that. 1. I try not to think about it cause it causes an ick feeling but for God’s sake are all parents obliged to get pregnant on valentines day. I want a summer bday, i want a bbq or beer garden. Not pissing … More Birthday blahs