Ode to my Godchild

My godchild, my Tatie…I’ll never forget the day you were born..I mean not specifically you being born or meeting you but having to get outta bed with a hangover and go into the hospital plus I remember getting lost with Asho on the way home from the hospital and ending up in Malahide, all in all I was knackered by the end of it. I bet your Mam was more rested 😂

But in the midst of that pain..I gots me a godchild woo hoo. And by God did I land on my feet.

I don’t care if the only reason I got to be your godmother is because ‘I’d cry otherwise’ I’ll bloody take it and be glad cause I got you.

 I remember standing over your cot the day of your christening when you went for a nap and shockingly enough being immensely hungover (yeah yeah whatever all occasions that fell on a weekend got a hungover Niamh deal with it I’m sober 99% of the time now.)
Being hungover and emotional I promised that you would never feel pain, be let down, doubt yourself, learn that your relatives were human with flaws. I swore I’d protect you from anything that would hurt you and you’d never have any of the same doubts as me.

Whoops Soz time to make new more realistic promises me thinks! 

I promise that even though you have to go through all of life’s traumas you will never for a second doubt that I am right there with you in any way I can ready to hold you up, cry with you or reminisce with you. 

I promise that I will never stop telling you why you are pure golden to me despite the fact you never believe me! In the words of Pink you’re fuckin perfect to me.

 I promise to always be in your life as much as I’m allowed to be..I’ll even follow ya to college if you try to leave me! (Not really though cause I’m lazy but defo drop me an email)

I promise to always be a safe harbour in your life. If you need me I’m there with a shovel or an alibi or a comedy routine and some chocolate. I’ll do time for ya Tatie.

The reasons why I love you are so very very obvious to me and anyone who knows ya but I know its not as obvious to you so here are some of them. Bear in mind though that the main and really only reason I love you is because you exist and you rock.

I love your sense of humour..you make me laugh for hrs and that’s a feat so bravo.

 I spent days dancing to hi-5 routines when you were younger (and last week) cause it made you laugh when I made a twat of myself..and I’d learn them now with no shame if it makes you giggle. Best laugh ever.

Your kindness..I am CONSTANTLY in disbelief at the things you do that are so damn thoughtful. Example 1. Giving me a godmothers day on my 1st yr without Mam cause I have no kids or mother to share that day with..shot through the heart kiddo. A day of me my godchild my fave sweets and time spent together 💓 heaven

The pleasure you get out of doing something nice for any of us is astounding. You are golden, it just shines out of you and I have NEVER met anyone who feels differently.

You’re smart..so damn smart kid. You even know the difference between their,there and they’re which is something some PhD candidates don’t grasp! 

You fall up hills. You say the stoopidest things. Your sarcasm levels are reaching dangerous highs. 

 You appreciate a beautiful view and a funny lil road trip. You cook amazing food. You give out compliments regularly and in ways you mean. You don’t expect anything and constantly try to pay your own way (grrrrrrrrrrrrr you know how I feel about that one!)

I hope that when you get a gift of a godchild you feel the same way. You feel as lucky as I do that you get to have fun with them and advise them and help shape them (heads up if they have bad habits you’ll get the blame for them).

Thank you so so so so so so much for being my godchild, my niece, my bestest friend, my comedy partner in crime, my walking buddy, my Tatie. 

Please try to keep in mind that I quite like ya and I’m a bit fussy about people so if I like you then you must be tolerable! 


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