Tinterweb Dating Part Deux

To date or not to date is the question…

Sooo after many weirdos and “no I would not like to hear about/see/meet up to touch your penis” rough starts to this internet dating malarky..I did it.

I planned a HOT date with a guy from Liverpool on Friday who works for himself, has lived all over Europe, is adventurous and verry handsome…and he cancelled to go to a family funeral in Wales.

What’s that I hear you say? How did he not know he had to attend a funeral until the day we were supposed to be meeting? Well now that’s a reasonable question outside the tinterweb dating world.

But in the tinterweb dating world I used a similar excuse the night before to get away from someone who turned pretty scary in a swift turnaround from his previous behaviour and I needed an escape plan. So I know EXACTLY how these emergencies can arise!

(More on Liverpool guy in a few !)

So, assuming I’d been ditched, I immediately moved on to scheduling a substitute date for the same night with a guy who seemed pretty cool. Pretty adventurous and I’m willing to try new hobbies at this time of year so why not

Cue 5.30 pm I’m finished work, he’s on his way..and uh ohhh..he texts to say he’s running late!

No sweat I’m an independent strong woman I can totally hang out in a crowded pub with the after work crowd without feeling stupid right? And yes the answer is yes yes I can.

Until, following a lot of “I’m sorry” and “no problem I’m fine people watching” texts, I’m on drink no.3 and starting to worry I’ve been stood up, he tells me he’s there and I can’t find him…(is this a wind up I mean what the hell) the bartenders have been looking at me with pity for 30 mins (or so I imagined they may not have even been looking my way but I’m always way more noticeable in my imaginings)

Halfway through a laughing arguing conversation where we are both trying to convince each other we are in the right pub I decided to enlisted backup from the bartender to confirm that I am as always correct and he is a numpty of epic proportions, what the name of the pub I’m in is, the bartender having overheard most of this conversation is trying not to pee himself laughing and… it turns out I told him I was in a different pub because god forbid I be right and I actually remember a street or pub name when I’m actually bloody in it.

I gotta say what an ice-breaker, I mean we started laughing and did not stop at this disastrous beginning (the vodka may have fueled a few of these giggles in fairness but when it’s started on that note you really don’t worry about it going downhill).

He’s funny, he’s interesting, he’s complimentary, he’s even better looking than in his pictures (in what world is that flamin fair!) and the date is a first date of epic proportions. I left at an appropriate time; faculties and underwear both fully in place (I’m no floozy ya know!)

The first date is so good that it immediately leads to a 2nd one the next day and umm a 3rd the next day. By the end of the week I shall be living with someone (who’s not the bloody Russian and knows how to do DIY and is a tradesman ding ding) and engaged by Tuesday. What the hell just happened?

So far this week I’ve had a night out, a “netflix & chill” in the non-innuendo way the kids are using but more in the lets watch the Top Gear Africa Special and laugh my ass off kinda way; and a walk on the beach, is this not supposed to be 3 dates with 3 different people?!


But he was just such good fun and I couldn’t imagine doing the whole 1st date again so soon but I didn’t want to stay in all weekend AGAIN…so I just had either the longest date of a persons life or the shortest relationship! I’m still confused and in fairness with the way it happened I’m likely to remain that way

Ruh-Roh Shaggy this was not in the plan…the plan was to have MANY nights out with MANY new people and suck up some flirting and socialising before I run out of money and it gets colder.

So to end.. turns out the Liverpool guy above (who btw sends voice notes instead of typing and has the coolest accent..kudos to him for playing to his talents) has actually been in touch 3 times to apologise and try to reschedule eek. He actually had a death in the family NOT a family funeral and, don’t I just feel like a bit of an asshole for not expressing the appropriate amount of sympathy as opposed to “no probs, laters”

(On a sidebar a few emojies wouldn’t go astray on this site in order to properly express my attitudes and emotions without the strain of using words!)

Q1. Do I continue dating or be glad I found someone fun to hang out with and struck lucky with someone like that on the 1st date and while away as much time as possible doing new things until we’re done?

Q2. If so do I meet the original hot Liverpool guy? Not sure if I’m equipped to handle more than 1 bloke in a week! I’m already having difficulty with names

Q3. Am I doing this dating malarkey wrong that someone would fall for me that quickly? (Yeah totally not a real question I just wanted to brag; insert hair toss and a Tyra Banks strut right here)

Q4. Who do I contact about getting some emojies up in here!?


Next up is the headcases I’ve encountered so far and YES YES I did manage to attract some freaks and 1 lovely guy I chickened out on meeting on top of the above.



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