On this new world of tinterweb dating it seems to be a massive thing that you’ve spent at least a year in a tent in Peru or a year on a sheep farm in Oz. That you “like to travel” and are “up for adventure”.

I mean who DOESN’T like it, it’s more a case of who HASN’T managed it DUH. I’m seriously curious..especially for a male point of view

And some of the below sounds bitter I get that (I’ve tried editing but it just seems to be making it worse ha ha) but I just hate that I’m judged by ANYONE for the fact that I didn’t have the money/opportunity/courage to up sticks and bugger off. I’m impressed that other people manage it and I’m wildly jealous of it but I’m not very well traveled myself.

I mean I’d like to see the world but more from a nice hotel room than a tent in the Andes you know? And the money has never really been there for me to take off (I tended to drink it and buy clothes with it when I was at the stage that all of my friends were doing it!)

Does this make me more insular and less well educated? Yes I absolutely would love to see the world but I’d like to do it in a way that I’m not forced into the same 9-5 in Thailand that I am in Ireland and do I have to go to places I don’t want to travel to in order to have any kind of opinion on life?

Ideally, I’d like to travel in the manner of a Lyndsey Kelk book or Eat, Love, Pray rather than in a Brokedown Palace kind of way eek.

Plus everyone seems to go abroad do about 2 weeks of sightseeing 2 weeks drinking with other Irish people in an Irish pub, that they manage to track down with their spider senses as soon as they drop their bags, and then spend 10 months working and saving to come home again (vast generalization but you get my gist).

Then they come home and forget they cried down the phone at you and had to beg their parents for money to make rent so they could stay in the house they were sharing with 12 people and 900 cockroaches (insert retching noise here) and only remember the 2 times they managed to travel outside of the capital but it was “the trip of a lifetime”

And I do genuinely want to sit in a group and listen to them reminisce about that year in Timbuktu that I didn’t quite make it to…just not maybe for 10 years following their return.

Yes I want to see the world but I don’t want to be made to feel like a twat because you were able to flit off with a pair of shorts a set of muscles and discuss intellectual views with a tantric sex loving, highly educated knob head who’s living on a beach in a hut made of the leftover dollars of drunken tourists! (Ahem read that again with slightly less venom and slightly more sarcasm please because I didn’t seem to get the mix quite right).

This tinterweb dating could be a kick in the teeth more than a boost in the arm if I don’t start lying about being away for more than a 2 week budget holiday.

Good god men are a bit nuts about what they focus on…I mean I’m quite happy to focus on the fact that they’re not sending me dick pics and expecting compliments and call it a good chat!

Don’t worry peeps there’s been some happy experiences too, which I’ll be sure to update you on ’cause I know you’re probably sweating for me and I just couldn’t bear for you to worry!



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