Tinterweb Dating…

..what do we think people?

I’m a bit undecided myself but I’m thinking about giving it a go for the following reasons:

  1. All of my friends are coupled up or, even more, coupled up with babies eek
  2. I’m not mad about cosy nights in cuddling on the sofa with a bloke. I prefer to have those cosy nights to myself unless I need something in the shop then you can stay for 309 mins after you drop it off!
  3. I like meeting new people, I’m wayyyy more impressive as a stranger than when you actually know me. This is actually true..think of the 1st time you met me and think of every time since I was way more craic the 1st time
  4. I’d like to meet different kinds of people. Like not my usual type that I gravitate towards. Imagine one day I could date a professor the next a personal trainer the next a roofer…stay focused Anna whoops.
  5. Can it really be all that different from meeting a stranger in a pub and deciding to go out without a crowd of your friends around. I mean it’s always going to be awkward until you find a common ground whereas in this case you already have a common topic…slagging other people for internet dating ha ha
  6. They might be weirdos and serial killers but here’s the thing…so could anyone you meet no matter how nice they seem in person and at least this way you’re more careful about how you meet them etc cause you’ve heard the horror stories.


Then there’s the counter argument:

  1. I like meeting people more organically and knowing if there’s a spark almost instantly, there’s no way you could tell from a picture and quick message online right?
  2. There’s definitely gotta be some desperate blokes with issues out there. The ones who are 2 close to mammy or who got dumped and still have issues, the ones who let their dogs lick their faces or spit when they talk. The ones who genuinely have no clue why they haven’t met someone.
  3. You could see someone you know online…tots awks
  4. The weirdos…ah the stories we’ve all heard. The ones who ask more intimate questions than your gynaecologist, the ones who want you to talk dirty to them and don’t consider the word compost a dirty word. The ones who want you to meet them on the top of a mountain so they can tie you up and…R.I.P Elaine
  5. They could be serial killers. Nuff said really!

I go round and round about this, the coupled up girls look at it as a bit uugh but try not to judge (loudly!). “Why don’t you go out?” Why not try something different like paintballing and meet someone that way?” etc. And I get it I definitely do because no-one I know has EVER admitted they met online.


It’s just when I go out with my friends it’s so rare that I don’t WANT to spend the night making small talk with a stranger I want to spend my time with my friends that I already know I like.

And news flash I don’t like paintballing…so why would I want to meet someone who did? It’s difficult picking up a bloke who enjoys my hobbies…there’s no talking in libraries ha ha.


Plus I don’t want the average relationship, I like the start of it and then I get antsy awkward and/or bored. Not saying this happens every time but it’s a recurring theme.  I don’t want to come home to someone (not even my lodger and she bloody pays me). I don’t want to have to chat about my day if I don’t want to.


I want to go out and have some fun, actual laughter and fun. I want to meet someone different even if its just once to see what the view is like from their side of life.


As you can tell I’m swaying towards maybe giving it a shot…so if I stop blogging please check the newspapers the dating websites and the mountains for information/my body.


I have a feeling I’m going to be using this as ammunition for further blogs…lucky for you I don’t value my privacy too much and quite like sharing funny stories!



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