My Asho..sharing

Is caring so for your b’day I wanna share this. Once only though so pay attention!

I love you and thank you.

Thanks for sharing the bathroom, toiletries and makeup throughout the years (even the toilet seat that time when we were kids and wanted to see if we’d both fit ha ha. Yes people our asses were once that small).

Thanks for sharing your friends throughout our lives. I do try to let you have your own these days but some of them I have to actively resist stealing. You surround yourself with good people Rego which says a lot about you.

Thanks muchly for “sharing ” my first boyfriend..I’ve totally forgiven you for stealing him I swear.

Thanks for sharing a bed, a  room, or house with me from when I was born up til Philip stole ya. 

Thanks for insanely arranging for new windows to be installed after lol was born so I got to share her 1st few weeks closer than most aunts would normally

Thank you for sharing your hubby and baby with me. I get just enough marital and motherly bliss to remind us all why I should always live alone!

We’ve shared holidays, clothes, makeup, road trips, food, money and hangovers.

We’ve shared a massive amount of good times and some bad ones but none so bad as this gut wrenching, heart breaking tragedy we’re currently living.
I’m thinking there’s no way of you not being upset today so I’m just gonna put it out there. It sucks fucking donkey balls that you have the 1st b’day without mama Cath. It sucks balls that you’ll ever have a b’day without mama Cath but..

..she would be delighted you have a b’day. She loved bdays and she loved you so she’s been on your shoulder singing since midnight and she’ll remain there for the day singing badly and partying hard! 

Your mama thought you rocked and so do I lil big sista.

Try to enjoy your b’day cause I for one am epically grateful you were born.

Niceness stored for another year. I feel dirty so I’ll now even wash for your b’day!


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