Because the World Needs to Know

My mama Cath died recently (ouch and doesn’t that feel like a knife through the stomach to write).

I was determined to speak at her funeral mass because I genuinely felt people needed to understand who she was to us.

“..No time would ever have been enough with Mam. She was our best friend, our defender, our backbone and the glue that held us together both individually and as a family. She never gave up on us even when we tested her to her limits.

Our hearts are broken and our minds are refusing to contemplate a world without our mama Cath in it. We will never be the same and our smiles will always be a little bit dimmer because Mam isn’t there to share the joke but, we will cherish every single memory and we cling tight to the knowledge that she knew beyond doubt how much we loved her.

The reasons we loved her are too many to count but here are some

  • Her endless capacity for love patience and forgiveness
  • Her love of people and understanding of their quirks and idiosyncrasies
  • Her sense of humour-she was entertained by the simplest of things and caused much laughter. She even cracked up at her own jokes when no one was around.
  • Her ability to savour the little things in life, and I really means this, like seeing the sea from her window at home, seeing sunshine through clouds (she kept finding the smallest patches at any time)
  • The flaws she showed, like her singing and dancing (it’s true sorry) which showed us that perfection is overrated and not required.

Mam protected us to the very end when she made sure we had all slept for the first time in days, we were all together and prepared (as much as we ever possibly could be) and had people there to hold us up when she took her last breath.

We thank her and we will love her forever and a day, to infinity and beyond and around the world and back again. We will savour always the time we had with her.”
My Mam was 59 and got the most aggressive type of cancer which killed her in 6 weeks from diagnosis. She thought she had a pulled muscle. Please get these things checked because I guarantee there are people out there who can’t contemplate a world without YOU in it.


3 thoughts on “Because the World Needs to Know

  1. So sorry to hear your news about your mam, she was taken from you all way too young and I can only imagine how you are all feeling, I was in shock when I heard the news. What a lovely tribute you have wrote to her and I’m glad you all have each other close by for support


  2. Aw what a lovely tribute to a wonderful woman and friend. I will and do miss her terribly for a whole host of reasons. Cathy was so proud of her girls and talked about ye often with a full heart. Take care of each other and cherish all of your happy memories. I can’t promise the pain will fade but it will ease in time ( lots of time) be kind to yourselves.


  3. She loved ye all so much as ye did her. Beautiful words Niamh . Cathy was an amazing mum amazing friend and our amazing aunt. She will always be in our thoughts. Love ye guys xx


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