The Constant Questions!

I’m not searching for compliments I’m genuinely curious. It’s 9.20am and I’ve already called myself ugly and fat about 12 times..every time I passed a reflective surface and caught a glimpse of myself in fact.
This is not a woe is me or feminist rant I don’t think but sure let’s see where my thoughts take me hmm that’s always fun.

I woke up and put on the clothes I had picked. Uugh look at those lumps you’re in bits.Went to clean my face..why are my pores like that? Look at those wrinkles are they new or was I always this haggard looking? Is that more hair on my face..Jesus I’m a wildebeest! Ugh look at your teeth you must disgust people

I mean come on its a wonder I even left the fuckin house. This is not a bad day this is almost every damn day.

So here’s my 3 Questions:

Does every woman do this or similar? Why do we judge ourselves and others so much cause this is definitely not something crazy mama Cathy taught  me.

And gents do you actually look at women like that and think things like that? 
Ladies do we judge other women so harshly because that’s how we judge ourselves? Or is it to make ourselves feel better?

In the spirit of total honesty and please don’t think I do this all the time or to you. I do judge people. Mostly women. uugh she should not wear that, her makeup is in bits etc. so I know others must do it to me. 

People say I’m too honest and I have no filter but trust me I’m filtering. I’ll say it doesn’t suit you if I think you look fat in it. I’ll say I don’t like your eyeshadow if I think your makeup is wrong. 

But I also will tell you when you look great and I’ll mean it and because I’m honest you should absolutely believe me. I believe in giving compliments and I do it frequently when I notice someone is looking particularly well. I love how it makes me feel when someone says it to me and I love that I can give someone a boost when they deserve it too.

Why do we have no confidence as a sex ? 

I genuinely want to know. Let’s call it a human nature study. 


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