Hats Off To All Of You Grown Ups

Been thinking about this a lot lately and well hats off to those of you who enjoy adulthood.

Kudos to the peeps that enjoy getting outta bed and going to work..I like neither and my hatred of one leads to dread of the other each day. Not a good start me thinks.

Bravo to those of you willing to compromise in a relationship..I don’t even like to give in on what to have for din dins.

Round of applause to all of you with kids..your ability to go without sleep and clean up all kinds of vile bodily fluids (not even the obvious ones) and commitment to keeping another person alive is not something I aspire to but is definitely something I’m in awe off.

Masaltof to those of you who are able to budget for 1 person or more and who don’t live on salads and ready made lasagnes or their sisters superb leftovers (thanks Asho for basically keeping me alive)

I fail as an adult really…but that’s ok when you don’t wanna be one anyways so there na na na na na na grown up Niamh can suck it!


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