Holy crap I’m a Nerd and it’s o.k.

Soo now that I’m all grow’d ups after yrs of total denial of being a nerd it’s suddenly O.k. to be a nerd.

No fair world, do you know the stuff I’ve had to do to rebel against my nerdism over the years!

To make up for my love of books and glasses and ability to make sentences I had to totally overcompensate by hanging out with the cool kids in primary  (my in being doing their homework and my big sisters cool status). Cheers Asho I promise to someday stop using you to make friends..note I said someday but not which day.

I took up smoking to be cool when it was cool and you know cancer wasn’t as popular and no ads were on the tv after Glenroe.

I like totally let boys get to like 2nd base (insert dumb Californian accent here) before i knew what 2nd base was..wait I still don’t know, which one was that?

Then in my 30’s while I’m learning to embrace my nerdness slowly but surely and Wham all of a sudden being a nerd is in l. I mean to the extent that Penneys sells t-shirts announcing it.

All the cool kids now want glasses enough to wear fake ones (ye wait til your real ones fog up in public then see how frickin cool you feel walkin into a wall dummies)

They want braces when it was our worst fear in our teens.

Its ok to read and be intelligent and stay a virgin til you’re 35. Its epic to be alternative and listen to music I never felt cool enough to like in public.

Yeah thanks ‘trends’ where was this one when i needed you. Now i have fucked up lungs, a relationship history only my best friend knows about (take it to your deathbed and beyond Crona Barry..oh and Gemma Fee who remembers my mistakes better than I do and considering we both spent our 20’s drunk that says a hell of a lot).

I’ve missed out on some great books and music and have only recently rediscovered my love of colouring thatbI lost in Senior Infants.

Now that I can embrace my nerdy I’ll share some facts.

I read 4 books yesterday.

I read the Lord of the Rings when I was 11 (Cheers Eoin Griffin).

I colour in at least 3 times a week.

I really really dislike any music without a melody so most bass and rave music is out.

I like writing enough that I’ll embarrass the fuck outta myself by posting a blog and sharing my insanity with the world.

I took a creative writing class last year.

I am Nerdy Niamh hear me roar world hear me bloody roar


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