Birthday blahs

Sooo i turned 33 today and i have 2 seperate questions on that.

1. I try not to think about it cause it causes an ick feeling but for God’s sake are all parents obliged to get pregnant on valentines day. I want a summer bday, i want a bbq or beer garden. Not pissing rain and the winter blues; like its not hard enough to grow old..

Which leads me to my next how the fuck am i 33?  I thought I’d get the old feeling when i turned 30 but nope it kicked in at 31 with my very 1st grey hair, the arrival of me thinking kids these days are disrespectful and loud oh and the fact that i don’t recognise any new releases on the radio..ever

Could this be early onset Alzheimer’s you ask? Ehh NO cause i vividly recall being bloody younger. I recall drinking twice on a weekend and not coming down with what feels like pneumonia. I remember texting at 10pm on a sat night to see if anyone was heading out and immediately getting hell ye’s, i remember that i didn’t give a shit if it was cold or raining or I had work the next day. Now i hibernate like a bear..all yr round!

Does anyone else wonder where the yrs went and when feeling like an adult will actually kick in. I’m still waiting for the wisdom that comes with age instead of the common sense of a 22 yr old! Help!


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