Living for the family..

Is not a great idea i was told today. It’s all about balance.

1. Family
This has been my main focus for yrs and it turns out I’m wrong according to the medically trained expert i spoke to today.

2. Friends

Bit hit and miss with this one really..I’m a bit of a homebird plus I’m pretty low on funds most of the time so nights and dinners out tend to be rare. I’m also crap at returning messages and talking on the phone. Hmmm so actually it’s a miracle I have friends really. Thanks to those of you that hang on in there..i promise to improve

3. Work
I like my’s not a career but it pays the bills and doesn’t endanger my life so it’s all good.

4. Hobbies
My hobbies are pretty solitary so not helpful with the whole life connections spending time with people thing that’s supposed to be awesome and fulfilling.

So today i was informed it’s time to shape up on the latter 3. Uugh shaping up has never been my forte (as my hips, thighs and ass will tell ya)

I started with my friends..i like em obviously duh they’re fun they seem to enjoy my company and they are all round good funny people. I invited em out for my bday..4 no’s, a few non responses and 2 maybes later I discovered I’d be partying alone woot woot. I don’t blame them to be honest tis cold out, I rarely go out, they have families and lives. I just made me realise this balance thing would be more work than I thought eeeekkk.

Suggestions on work? I’m a bit lost on this one because I don’t have the ambition to be a boss,  managing staff is my idea of a nightmare. So I’m not quite understanding how to include this one. Change job? Find a ‘career’? Help!


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